Thursday, February 01, 2007

Back to bed to start over... ***updated

I am having one of those days.... Yup, the crazy kind where I have way too much to do and not enough time with the heaping dose of added crap thrown in to make it even more interesting. I wish I could go back to bed to start over again, but since I have not been sleeping well I fear that would just increase my already over the threshold anxiety level.

Here is the day so far (well just the annoying stuff)....

5:50am - get up after a night of waking every 2 hours and then just falling into deep sleep at 4am.

6:10 - after letting dog and feeding him, attempt to make my coffee. The espresso machine didn't drain the water properly and I spill coffee ground sludge down my leg and on my foot. Wait - it gets better: look for coffee and realize that I don't have enough decaf illy to make my morning latte so I have to use the less expensive (and really nasty decaf espresso husband bought). Perhaps I just should have bought coffee at work.

6:15: Burn toast. That nasty smell lingers...

7:00 Driving husband to the U and realize I forgot to put something in the mail that a person needs for the meeting I am hosting tomorrow. Argh - I will have to fax it or drop it off at my lunch hour.(Do people still fax things?)

7:10 Get to gym for morning workout. Look feverishly through my bag for my iPod and realize I most definitely left it at the gym on Tuesday morning. I remember setting it down by the free weights and thinking: "Don't forget it here" but I can not for the life of me remember picking it up as I hustled off to shower and get to work for my 9 am meeting. I can not believe how stupid I am!!!!!

7:20 Obsessing about lost iPod so badly I cannot work out so I shower and go to work early to research getting a new one. I feel sick to my stomach and am so mad at myself. This is about as stupid as the time I left the digital camera on top of the car and did not realize it until we heard a loud thud on the freeway. I just should have taken $200 out of the cash machine in singles and stood over an overpass and let it all fly off in to the wind - just as wasteful and a bit more satisfying. Even better, I could have spend thousands of dollars on fertility drugs for treatments that didn't work - damn, that is too real to even be funny at this point.

8:00 Get to work and a due task pops up to tell me today is a grant deadline. I programed this in months ago (luckily I almost finished it about 1 month ago) but I entered it incorrectly so the reminders all came due today rather than weekly like I though I had set. How did I forget about this you ask? I HAVE BEEN WAY TO BUSY LATELY!!! I guess I am working late AGAIN.

9:00 Chow down on valentine's candy hearts since I am so depressed about iPod and stressed about another deadline. I didn't workout and will most likely go over my calorie limit for the day. Did I mention I need to loose 9 lbs in the next 2 months.

9:15 While sitting at my desk with a burning foot I realize I may have picked up athlete's foot from the gym shower. no workout but still the joys of a nasty gym fungus - what a treat. I decide to head over to the pharmacy since I have to head that way to drop something off. Stop in the bathroom and discover it is CD 1. Why can't I get lucky one of these blasted months????

Can it get worse? Wait - don't answer that until you hear that I have this ultra important meeting tomorrow (can I trust our assistant to order breakfast or is it just easier to do it myself?) and then have to drive to WI for a weekend work related conference. I don't even get to go home Friday night and relax. Rather, I have to sit in a hotel room and stare at the TV becasue I have no iPod to bring along to listen to. Whine, whine, cry , cry ; have you had enough of me today?

***updated - it got worse
1:18 here is the scenario: Clueless Co-worker shouts across the hallway for me to come over so another co-work can tell me her "good news". Clueless co-worker then asks me, isn't that good news? Perhaps she was being rhetorical, but that is certaily a loaded question.
On another note: if I have any lurkers can you let me know. No need to post, an e-mail will do. I am making a blog change this weekend and I will notify the posters but I don't want to leave out any welcome lurkers.