Tuesday, January 16, 2007

carmel and yogurt

Since I tend to avoid all things cliche I avoided talking about the new josie that was being launched in correlation with the new year for fear of it being considered, even just once, a new year's resolution rather than a mere act of coincidence of timing. Since a few weeks have passed and most people have given up on their desire to lose weight, quit smoking, or be nice to their mothers, I feel it is finally time to talk about my little commitment.

First, if you have noticed that I have been posting A LOT less lately don't be alarmed, I am still infertile and I still hate it. I have had plenty of material that leaves me saying I should post about that, but usually I forget until late at night and then I just want to sleep. Rather, I have been swamped at work with deadlines and projects that seem to be coming at me from everywhere. When I get home I am beat and I use all my energy to get myself to the gym or yoga. The man has been using the computer at home to get his dissertation proofed so he can turn it in for publication and our other computer, a laptop, needed a new battery. Since both of the above things have recently been taken care of, I will be making sometime to visit all of you and read about your interesting lives. Just because I have not been reading does not mean I have not been thinking of you. Who knows, perhaps I will also finally find time to switch my blog and update my blogs I read list since I only visit a few on the list to the right anymore.

Back to Josie 2.0 - I am trying so hard this year to do away with some of my negativity. I tend to resort to pessimism as a safety net that always keeps me in check. Don't worry, the sarcastic and realistic Josie has not been entirely done away with, but I am trying to - dare I say it - be more positive. What spurs this irrational change of reaction you ask? Well, I am partially inspired by Earl (From the TY show) and my new love for the yoga classes I have become addicted to. The Karma and Yoga balance each other nicely and I always get a little chuckle when The Man (DH) tells me to mind my carmel or asks if I am heading out to yogurt after work.

Just to prove that I have not made a full transformation I need to add that if this approach does not work it is just another way to waste money since yoga classes are NOT cheap.


Carol said...

sounds like you've got a good and realistic approach to the new year. good for you!

Hopeful Mother said...

I, too, love "My Name is Earl." I like your ideas for Josie 2.0!

Baby Blues said...

You started the new year well. Keep it up!

Lut said...

Thank goodness, you haven't gone completely pollyanna on me. ;-)

My Reality said...

Sounds like a good plan. I have thought of taking up yoga, but mostly, I am too lazy to get up and do it!