Monday, January 01, 2007

Finally some good news for infertiles

So I have been known to be a pop culture junkies at times. Yes I know the words to a few too many Justin Timberlake and Spice Girls songs, but should I really be overly ashamed at my pop culture addiction? Come on, I know you love pop culture also, unless you are my husband who is just too cool to admidt that he actually prefers drunk dancing to songs on the top ten list and will not allow me to acknockedge Britney Spears in our music library with a folder, well that is just too bad. Don't fret, I created a folder anyway.

Since I am actually at work today after 4 hours of sleep, multiple beverages last evening, and plenty of joist breaking dance moves, I decided to start my New Year's Day like I usually do: searching the internet for critism of last years pop culture scence, becasue you that is sooo last year now. After getting my fill of celeb trash, if one can ever get their fill, I decided to try to be a bit more intellectual so I surfed on over to the Lake Superior State University List of Banished words for 2007. I can assure you that you will be pleased at one of the phrases banned this year. It is about have way down the list and I am not going to ruin it by telling you, you really must go check it our for yourself.

.................Now how do we enforce this?


Anonymous said...

That's a great list at LSSU's site! I wholly concur with the banishment of the lot!

DD said...

Maybe we can send those who break the banishment to GITMO?

Stephanie said...

Great list! I agree with the whole "we". Even the "we are going through IF treatment" last time I checked I was the one stabbing myself daily with needles and getting the wandings!

Bea said...

That's a funny list. I spat on my screen when I read about bathrooms apologising for cracked linoleum.


Tara said...

Hi and Happy New Year:

I'm compiling a list of blogs for a new health website to direct folks to the community. I've been reading a lot of them lately and like yours. I'm the center manager for the infertility health area. Please email me. Thanks!

Carol said...

I love the list. I never quite understood the whole "we" thing.

Baby Blues said...

Could we also banish " When are you getting pregnant?" too! Because really, not everyone gets to choose or plan "when".

Thanks! It's relief to read the list.

Anonymous said...

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