Monday, October 23, 2006

The first post...

Well, what can I say - I finally made that leap and set up my own blog. I can't say I entirely know what I am doing, but hopefully I can't do any harm. A little background - I got into this whole blogging thing just recently while going through our first and soon to be failed IVF. My husband and I have been TTC for 3 years and despite 1 miscarriage, I am convinced the HPT industry is out to get me. We are know in the midst of our 2nd IVF and I feel as if I should finally contribute back to all the other infertiles since I have spent so much time reading about their lives, and at times wishing their successes were mine. I have been just a 2nd string blog girl and I hate to admit that I do much more reading than posting, but I feel as if I know more about some of these ladies than I do about my own sister. To get you up to date, here are our 2nd IVF stats:

No lupron since that killed me last cycle, was on BCP but ovulated anyway so the cycle had to be moved up a week to coordinate with my belligerent ovaries
Baseline Estradiol: 9.4
Day 4 Estradiol: 182
Day 6 Follicle Count: 12 total - 6 on each ovary, all about same size

I am incredibly prone to cysts - actually, after last month I think they are actually not cysts but follicles that try to ovulate but can't because of the BCP's they make me take. Unfortunately my RE (Dr. Bowtie), who has a medical degree and "a few" years of experience, isn't quite so sure. I guess it is his word against Dr. Google.

On another note, does anyone else think it is odd that when you spell check your blog the work "blog" is not recognized? No I do not want to change it to "bloc", this is Blogger, isn't it??


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