Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Trying to change my M.O.....

O.K., so I am not the most optimistic person, but I have to say I have made some progress. When I was at my acupuncture appointment today, which happens to be located in a Yoga studio, something amazing happened. I was waiting in the lounge for the person before me to finish up and all of a sudden I looked up and saw a herd of pregnant ladies moving toward me. Yup, a herd, about 7 total all rushing to, what I later learned, is the bathroom. Normally, I would scowl at them and hunker into my poor me spot, but amazingly, I didn't. Instead, I said to myself, oh when I am pregnant I would like to take prenatal yoga, how relaxing. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY CYNIC SELF???? Normally these drugs make me extra crazy and not even the least bit nice. Not too mention that I am taking 3 of them now - Follistim, Menopur and Ganirelix. If this is a side effect, I think I can deal with it. Who knows, maybe it is the acupuncture?

Tomorrow I go back for my 2nd ultrasound and 3rd E2. I am kind of nervous and hoping that all 12 little follies are still happily growing and that perhaps a few more joined the party. My clinic does not call unless there is a problem and so far they have not called. I think they do this to attempt to leave the patient to have a life outside of their office, but it doesn't work. I obsessively look at my cell phone all day and refuse to go to the bathroom because they may call at that moment and who want to hear me pee or flush. Finally at 4:30 I start to feel a bit of relief because the office is closed. I did say I am making some progress, and I am obsessing a bit less, but I still cannot let go.

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DD said...

I don't know which would be worse, waiting for the call b/c they said they would; or hoping they don't call like in your situation.

Frankly, there's no good way.