Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I was just getting coffee....

I was just getting coffee and who do I run into but the embryologist and a manager from my clinic. Now I should mention that I work for a hospital and the IVF clinic is in the building right next to the hospital and everything is connected so really it should not be that weird to see them. BUT, what made it weird is that it was a few minutes before 9 - the time he said he would be checking on my 5 little embies and calling if there were problems. I SO badly wanted to ask how everything was going but with a co-worker at my side and being at the coffee shop I thought that would be inappropriate. Now that it is 9:10 and I still have not heard from him I am assured everything is still ok, right? I mean, really, how long can it take to check on some embies?? Did I also mention the irony here, that I went to get coffee to distract myself from the phone call that I am hoping does not come and who do I run into??? I think IVF has successfully taken over my life.

On another note, we are all fortunate that I got "good" news yesterday because a series of events that went down after work could have taken a much different toll. Let me explain: I stopped at the CO-OP to pick up a few items for dinner, parked my car, shopped and returned to my car. Sounds all good, right. Well as I was returning to my car a "MOM" sporting her Oh so stylish Baby Bjorn while driving got out of the car parked right next to mine and got in the back seat of her car to strap in her newborn. She was on the passenger side of my car and I was waiting patiently for what seemed like forever for her to get the kid situated before I even started my car or attempted to pull away. Then, as she is about to get out of the back seat I hear a thud. Yes folks that was MS. NewMOM smashing her car door into the side of my car. Did she even look my way or attempt to apologize - Oh no, she was way too concerned with maneuvering herself with the strapped on kid out of the car. Did I mention there were many, many open spots in the parking lot so she did not have to park right next to me. My questions are:

1. Does having children cause some peoples brains to go to mush and forget all common sense and courtesy? Should she not have at least acknowledged her mistake and apologized?
2. Is the fertile world out to get me and not let me into their club just yet?
3. Why does anyone still use those Baby Bjorn things - really, I don't care how comfortable they are you look like a fool wearing the harness sans child and they look impossible to operate. Personal bias for slings here - no need to set me straight since it won't work
4. How could she do that to Goldmember. Explanation: Goldmember is my 1993 Volvo that I love. She (yes, I know Goldmember really cannot be a she but it is my car so I can name it as I want) is named for her brilliant shade of, well gold. Actually it is more Champange but does anyone make a movie about Champangemember, I don't think so.

Well, now that it is 9:24 and I have effectively distracted myself form a phone call I am still hoping not to get so I better get back to work.


Nina said...

Have I mentioned Winston? My oh so beloved Volkswagen Golf. Love my little black beautiful car, and totally understand why you named your car. I have a pretty good picture of it in my head (duh, I'm in Sweden, Volvoland, and Goldmembers are quite popular here :D).

Great to read your fertilization report and great to see that things seem to be going goo still. Keeping my fingers so cossed!



Nina said...

things are of course going gooD not "goo"....sorry!

DD said...

You should have started honking the horn, mimicking a car alarm. 1) She would have looked at least a little horrified that her car door set off your alarm; and 2) scared the baby into some good crying and screaming as part of her karma.

Jys said...

Hi Josie!
Hope you get good news soon! And how lucky that you work so close to all the "action".
I went for an IVF orientation at the hospital where I live and based on what I learnt I imagine it DOES take a while to check on embies. It is such a delicate process, and you have to take them out of the incubator and then sign off on triple and quadruple checking that you are looking at the right ones and then put them under a special microscope where the temps etc is maintained and then go through the whole process putting them back, etc etc etc. Not to mention identify yourself 100 times with all the security and such. Do not worry!!

As for the rude mom - ugh, such people irritate me, but do not worry about her either. You never know what was on her mind or in her day, and for all you know she isn't part of the fertile world either and maybe it took her 5 years and 6 IVFs to conceive - who knows right?

What she did was real rude and I can assure you I'd have felt pissed too - but overall its your stress level that matters the most now and so don't let ANYBODY bring it up!!

Best of luck and hope those embies are doing GREAT!!