Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Can anything be easy?

So I had the lap today. This was my second lap and you can probably tell by my lack of blogging about it that I was not really worried or concerned. I have a high pain threshold and pain pill work wonders for me. Also, with all the shit IVF has thrown my way I am no longer surprised by ANYTHING. He could have woken me up and told me the DHEA he has me taking turned me into a man down there and I would have said, huh, go figures.

With that said, here are a few reflections of my fun procedure today. Sorry about the list format, but I am still taking percoset and I cannot write legibly. I have been visiting some of your blogs today and commenting and I truly apologize if I said something stupider than normal. Anyway, in no particular order.....

1. No endo. Zippo, Zappa, Zilch. Dr. Bowtie is REALLY frustrated. He did say that mystery pain that is not endo is at least good news. Now for the mystery on dear friend.
2. The mass is not threatening and did not currently have any cysts growing on it.
3. My ovaries look healthy and plump -seriously, WTF!
4. They would not let me leave the hospital until I peed today. My procedure was at 9 and ended at 10 and I left at 3:30. I could not pee. I drank 2 ginger ales, 2 waters, coffee, and chewed on ice chips. I sat on the bowl and walked to the private bathroom 5 times and turned on the faucet for inspiration. Nothing, not even a trickle. Finally as they were paging Dr. Bowtie I mustered up a slight stream. Boy that felt good. I was dressed and fighting the urge to pull out my IV so I could get out of there ASAP.
5. I was probably not peeing because I was so dehydrated as was evident by the reaction I got when I ate on of the those yummy vanilla wafers they give you after surgery. Yummy no more - one bite and that cookie turned to sawdust in my mouth. I spit it out so fast. But, that damn cookie just stuck to my throat and cheeks that I had to flush my finger around my mouth to remove every remnant of it. Everything I ate today left me SO thirsty. All I wanted was a Coke. Real, classic, cold coke. I have had two at a charge of 280 calories since I got home and I am about to crack open a third. I LOVE that stuff. Hopefully the percoset will counter the caffeine.
6. All week I have been dealing wit the period tease. Since a week ago it would come on a bit heavy (not tampon heavy) and then leave. You could call it heavy spotting. Yesterday there was almost nothing, so I got up this morning and put on my surgery panties (granny panties) and went to the hospital. Wouldn't you know that tease turned on the spigot as I was walking in the door. I bee lined for the bathroom and it was everywhere. I must be back to my 10 day period cycle - spotting for 5 -7 days before the real deal. Seriously annoying.
7. Oh remember that mystery pain mentioned in #1. Well, since there is NO endo, Dr. Bowtie looked around in there for me. He even took a few extra pictures - o.k. 8 extra pictures- because he knows I am insane and he wants to stay one step ahead of the game. Smart man. Anyway, it appears I have a very active ureter on my right side and that may be causing the pain. It is enlarged on the pics so he wants me to see an urologist. I can't believe my f'in body! I of course googled this in my demerol and percoset haze and the 2 things that are most prominent are cancer and calcification. I am done with Dr. Google on this subject and am going to put it out of my mind until the urologist appointment. He didn't seem too concerned with DH, but unless I hear something is ok from Dr. Bowtie I reserve the right to jump to conclusions and get all crazy if need be.

Other than these few inconveniences (I am ignoring # 7 at this time) the day was really not bad. I know I have said this before, but Dr. Bowtie is amazing and he has a great sense of humor. He came into the room from visiting with DH to again tell me how dapper DH is. He then informed me his resident would be doing my surgery. His resident then piped up to tell me his hand usually stops shaking and displayed the shake for me. I looked at Dr. Bowtie and he had the funniest smirk on his face as he assured me the resident would be watching HIM do the surgery. They kind of had me for a minute and I appreciated the laugh. Don't worry - I will get him back - ideas welcome. I just need something that is more funny than serious.

Finally, I laughed wit Dr. Bowtie about the side affects of DHEA that I blogged about earlier. HE chuckled and told me he hasn't seen to many whiskers on another patient. The study didn't work for her, but he thinks her problem is "different". I reassured him that if this doesn't work he can meet my sister, you know the egg donor I am trying to convince him to let us on their non-existent donor cost share program. He said I am one determined woman (I do mention this to him EVERY time I see him) and he thought that is could work. My persistence is paying off.


pythia said...

I'm happy to hear that things went well yesterday though I'm with you on #7 - I'm anxious to hear what the urologist has to say and I'm crossing my fingers for you - when's your appointment? Now as far as your side effects with DHEA, well, let me just tell you that I wish I could blame the 2 whiskers on my chin on DHEA, but nope, they just grow. I told my fiance that his job is to tell me when they get long so I can pluck them but I seem to notice them before he does :). I also found a nice long black hair growing out of a little freckle this week. GROSS! Your not alone on the unwanted facial hair front, but you've got a much better excuse for having it! oxox

Alexa said...

I'm glad the mass wasn't doing anything threatening and that there was no endo. I hope the urologist has something useful to say about the pain as well. Now back to bed for you!

DD said...

It looks like my friend does indeed go to your clinic as I asked her if her doctor wears a bow tie. She also mentioned that he's pretty good looking, too.

You sound like you're in very good hands.

Heather said...

I'm so glad that it went well! When do you see the urologist?

Stephanie said...

Glad to hear the surgery went smoothly. One good thing is that you did find the source of the pain...nothing worse than not knowing what is causing it. I just hate not knowing things (ie. Why I can't get preg.)

I too am aflicted with unwanted facial hair. (hanging my head in shame) and I like pythia can not blame DHEA. Thank God I am blond or I would look like a monkey and no doubt be shunned by sociaty. I choose to treat my abundance of fur with dermaplaining. (going in every four weeks for a good scraping of the face with a scalple removing hair and dead skin...lovely!)
Hope you are enjoying your pain pills!

Josie said...

No appontment with the urologist scheduled yet. So you all think I should make the appointment or wait until my follow up on the 29th to hear what he hs to say. I don't even know who to go to or if he hassomeone in particular, but I can always bea big girl and do a little research.

Lut said...

What a relief the mass wasn't dangerous. Excellent news!

Too bad you still have to deal with mystery pain. I hope the urologist tells you it's nothing to worry about and easy to treat.

I can just hear Dr. Bowtie singing:
"Raindrops on roses
Whiskers on patients,

Stephanie said...

I would say at least set up an appointment now. Who knows how long it will take to get a new patient appointment. Sometimes is take months to get into a new doc. office!

Heather said...

I agree with what Stephanie said. It may take a long time and you could always cancel after you see dr on the 29th. It wouldn't hurt to set something up.

Bea said...

I cannot believe your doctor made that joke. Mr Bea can't either. You *have* to get him back. It's great you guys can joke around, though.

Also, I love the feeling of not being so worried about things. When I went for my lap I was profoundly less worried than I would have been this time last year. It was like, another month, another medical procedure, meh. Of course, I did worry a little and I'm sure you had niggles too, right? Right? Come on, don't make me feel bad.

Glad to hear all the good news, and hope you're feeling really well again soon. Good luck with the urologist and number 7.


Beagle said...

It's good to know that all is well in there but also frustrating. At least to my (warped) way of thinking I always felt "well if they find a problem, at least we'd have something to 'fix'!"

I hope #7 is nothing and that your urologist is half as fun as your RE.

Josie said...

Oh Beagle I agree with you entirely about finding a problem to fix. I was actually hoping for endo.

I made the urology appointment and get this: there is only 1 urologist at the U who sees females. I freaking urologist who is scheduled out until 1/23. My clinic is going to have to call to get me in sooner. Can this be any more difficult?