Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas shopping on perc0set

I again am breaking my promise of not blogging on perc0set, for this I apologize. At least I stopped commenting on YOUR blogs after DD sent me a copy of the incoherent message I left for her. The funny thing is that I remember writing that message and I remember it making sense, but it was just plain wacky.

I guess I did not expect to need the pain pills because I really did not expect to be in this much pain. I had a lap before and I don't remember the whole not being able to bend at the waist thing I have going on this time. My belly is also sticking out so far and I have been holding it to suppress the pain. Ironically, I look like a pregnant woman.

I also did not plan on taking today off from work, so I did not cancel my afternoon meeting. Since the meeting was downtown and I could not drive, DH escorted me and after picking me up we started and completed most of our Christmas shopping. I owe this mainly to the perc0set I popped right before walking into Macy's. Some of the things we are gifting include 2 Cuisinart ice cream makers, a kitchen aid mixer, misc. stocking stuffers and a beautiful designer leather briefcase for me. DH is such a sucker for a wife with a beautiful bag.

We have a Christmas shopping rule: no malls. We can buy gifts on-line, at boutiques, or downtown. The simple food or alcohol gift is also an option. After being thoroughly disgusted a few years back while Christmas shopping at the MOA (Mall of America for you out of towners) we devised this plan and have stuck to it. I also get a little depressed while Christmas shopping. As adults with really no little ones to buy for the season just doesn't seem the same. I don't really buy into the whole commercialism of the holidays. In fact on Black Friday DH and I make an effort to purchase NOTHING as our way of sticking it to capitalism.

Perhaps it was the perc0set, but this year I had a fabulous idea. I always want to purchase something for our not yet conceived child, but I feel a bit funny doing so. I don't want to jinx myself and it seems kind of stupid because there are plenty of real, live children in this world who I could just go any buy toys for. As I was walking by the book store I got the idea: I would start a book collection for our child and write a dear message to them on the inside cover letting them know that we are still longing for them and that we bought them this little present because we are confident they will someday enjoy sitting down to a story. The book I bought this evening was one of my husband’s childhood favorites: Blueberries for Sal, by Robert McCloskey. When we got home, I put it on the shelf next to the book I bought in Paris a few years back when we first decided to have a child. That book is: The Little Prince, by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. They seem so juxtaposed leaning on each other. One was purchased when we were excited about having a child and were innocent to the pain of infertility. The other was purchased out a strong wont and burning desire to be a parent that was groomed by struggling with infertility for over 3 years. I know I will share these books with my child someday - they will always mean more to me than a story.

Hopefully I will not have to add many more books to my collection.


Lut said...

We all deal with this differently. I can't buy any baby items. Not for me, not for anyone else. But the books with dedications are a sweet thing.

Baby Blues said...

There's just too many terribly cute stuff for babies nowadays! Although it's painful to go through the Baby Section, I can't help but browse and yes, wish that I could buy these stuff someday.

DD said...

I think buying the books is a great idea. Especially the books you and your husband enjoyed as children.

I also like your shopping plan: No Malls. Unfortunately, besides the internet that's all I have here unless I want to hit shopko, walmart or menards. YeeHAW.

Heather said...

So when you have your baby should we do a book shower for you?

Stephanie said...

The whole book thing made me cry. Mostly because I have done the same thing. Last year I purchased Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein.

I absolutely love Heathers idea of a book shower!

When I am in MN for treatment in Jan...I would love to have coffee if you felt comfortable with that. Just an idea. :)

hopefulmother said...

I think your book idea is a great one.

I'd love to buy baby items for myself as a sign of "hope," but I just can't make myself do it. Feels like a jinx, even though I don't believe in that sort of thing.

I hope your pain subsides soon, and the belly too (at least for that reason!)

My Reality said...

The book idea is fantastic. You will be able to read them to your children and it will remind all of you just how special they really are.

I like you idea for avoiding malls! Very smart!

Bea said...

That's a great idea - maybe I should be taking per co set too?

Hope the pain subsides soon. And that your collection from here on in becomes dog-eared by little mits very quickly.


Bea said...

Also, any chance of posting up the whacky incoherent message? Otherwise I'll always wonder - what *does* your brain sound like on drugs?


Josie said...

So you want to see the message, huh. Well just keep in mind that I really read this over and over and did not see anything wrong with it. Hmmm...

YES, BETA SUCKS> I send them a very long "venting" e-mail that listed out all my issues worth their shitty product.

I did figure out how to sing in now without loosing my message and at time you have to do it first - before you comment becasue other wise you will loose everything as it redirects you.

That does not seem to be your problem though.

Alexa said...

Ha ha ha! Oh, percoset...that message is hilarious.

And I think the book idea is lovely, though I certainly hope you are soon buying books for a baby you have, rather than one you will have in the future.