Monday, December 04, 2006

Tag Smag - 5 things you are dying to know about me

I decided to take a break from the IF posting - not due to lack of material by any means. I was tagged by BabyBlues a while back and have yet to follow up on it. I have never been good at "games" but I decided to give it a shot after I lost my last post draft when I had to turn my keyboard upside down and shake all the Cream of Wheat that fell from the box I knocked over while trying to get just one more piece of chocolate off of the shelf above my computer. Like I need one more piece of chocolate, but it is just so good, and dark, and toffee like. MMM..I think I am drooling.

Since we are on the subject of my butt size (I'll bring you up to speed: more chocolate = bigger butt), the post I lost contained lots of dishing on pg people - not becasue they can get bigger butts (I am sure I will also) but more about their choice in nasty maternity clothes. I just returned from a fair where everyone and their sister was pg and sporting bows on their bellies and letting it all hang out. I should mention the pregnancy stir-ups I witnessed- either they are back from the 80's or this women had them from the 80's. Where does a girl get a pair of those nasty things. Anyway, the size of my bottom once again resurfaces because one of the other vendors at the fair looked really familiar. After a while she came over to rub in how beatiful she is, I mean talk to me, and, yes we went to the same High School. Don't you just hate it when you run into someone who is beautiful on a day you look like crap. I didn't wash my hair this morning, I desperately need a haircut, I am carrying around about 10 extra pounds, and I am wearing my fat pants. Also, it is freezing up here in the tundra so I wore my puffy down trench coat. When I selected this beautiful outfit this morning I didn't think I would care, but now I feel like a frumpy fat fool. Do you see why I need the chocolate?

Anyway, here are 5 things you most likely don't know about me and wish I never told you:
1. I hate being stopped in traffic. If I am in the car it better be moving. I will drive miles out of the way to get to my destination if I do not have to stop. I also detour into neighborhoods to avoid red stop lights for the same reason.

2. I can't believe I am going to admit this, but I actually own some Britney Spears music. There is no valid explaination, but in my defense it is part of my workout collection and NOT my everyday listening. Although while writing this I started humming "Lucky." My husband will not even let me add it to our computer playlists on Itunes - he bought me my own Ipod so I can store her trash there.

3. I cannot waste food. Perhaps this can be blamed on my upbringing, but I would rather store something in a container in the fridge till it grows mold becasue then I have a reason to throw it away. This weekend I was watching the Barefoot Contessa and she was making muffins. Her bowl still had enough batter to make a few more muffins but instead she just threw it out - it made me cringe.

4. I knit. This is no surprise probably, but how I got into it is. About 4 years ago I had major surgery on my had to reconstruct my lunate bone after Kienbock's disease killed it off. I went to a few PT sessions and hated it, so I did some research and knitting was one of the activities to help build dexterity in my hand that I lost after the 6 months of inactivity that followed the surgery. I thought it would be a good hobby to pick up because we would be having children soon. LOL!

5. I have a horrible singing voice. Entirely tone deaf better describes it. In my catholic upbringing I often sang in the choir. I remember the musical nun going down the line of singers and offering suggestions to make their vocal contribution better. When she got to me she paused and said, "just keep practicing...better yet, have you thought about playing an instrument?"

WHEW... I feel better that is off my chest. Now if you feel so obliged and and need a reason to post about yourself, take this as a tag.


DD said...

You and me. Next time I'm up that way we are going to a mall and we are going to sit there and talk smack about every person we see.

I'll bring the black rectangles to hold up over their eyes. You bring the snark.

not so fertile girl said...

I just love Barefoot Contessa! I have all her cookbooks. I think I like her because she looks like she eats what she makes (so does Paula Deen) unlike that skinny beautiful everyday italian girl (I just hate her! although I love Italian food)

Anonymous said...

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