Friday, December 08, 2006

Idle Conversation

Friday after work I ran into someone I know at the grocery store. She has an 8 month old daughter and always tries to make me feel better about being infertile by pretending she envies our freedom. She asked "What do 2 young, childless people do on a Friday night? Please tell so I can live through you because I will be stuck at home." I should have lied and told her we chartering our own plane and flying to New York for dinner and a show. She probably would have believed it. In hindsight it seems like a good response because I left insulted as being referred to as childless, and when I am insulted I usually insert sarcasm. I am infertile and in the pursuit of a child not choosing to live child free. She is REALLY stupid. When I told her we had no plans she looked a little deflated and then perked up to chatter that she wished us a happy holiday while bobbing her head from side to side.

I then started thinking about what we actually do most weekend evenings. Pretty much our Friday night fun consists of watching really bad TV and idle conversation. Last night consisted of extraordinarily juicy converstion - it went like this:

DH: Why is the dog wearing a scarf?

Josie: Because he is cold.

DH: I don't think so.

Josie: I do.

DH: Do you think a scarf around his neck is going to make him warmer?

Josie: I don't know, ask him.

Matisse (dog): sign

If that was not riveting, it got better ....

.......While watching VanHelsing (seriously the ONLY thing on)

Josie: How come the guy who turns from a Werewolf to man and back to Werewolf destroys his clothes in the violent transformation from man to beast and then when the moon is covered and he turns into a man again, he is wearing the same clothes as before?

DH: Good question. It is kind of like the Incredible Hulk who also destroys his clothes in transformation and then is left wearing his jean shorts. Why do you think he wears jean shorts?

Josie: Hmmmm... I need to think about that one.

DH: Do you think he is gay? Or, maybe he is a nevernude. I miss Tobias Funke.


not so fertile girl said...

you guys are funny! I noticed there was nothing on tv last night. Guess you can tell what this exciting childless couple was doing on a friday night! Oh the wild and fun times the childless have!

Anonymous said...

You guys'll be great parents! If you were jetting off to New York and other snazzy places for the weekend, I'd have to wonder.

Baby Blues said...

That was funny! Hubby and I also have those idle conversations and thinking about it makes me laugh. We come up with these wierd observations, outrageous ideas and crazy theories. Yes, childless couples are definitly having a more amusing time!

Bea said...

I miss Tobias too!

And please send your supermarket friend over here so she can make me feel "better" about my infertility as well! (/sarcasm)


Heather said...

Right, because every couple (I'm sure they were this way too, right?) before kids is having the most exciting time of their lives? How quickly fertiles forget their lives pre-kids...

It is almost as exciting as the conversation we had this weekend about cleaning the extra room up. And, we also made the dogs a bed of cedar chips outside - how exciting is that? I know, you are so jealous.

Carol said...

Oh yeah, I had those conversations with people who think they are trying to make you feel better.

And yes, the hubby and I have the same kinds of riveting friday nights as you do.