Friday, December 08, 2006

Lola is behaving badly again

But before we get to that I thought i'd throw in a few photos of the pooch.

Ah....isn't that precious. Here is Matisse and his friend One Armed Teddy. He won't let me have it long enough to sew the other arm on it, hence it's name. The teddy was not intended for him, but he claimed it before I was done with it.

After a day like today I needed something a bit more cheerful.

Now to Lola (a.k.a. my right ovary). Well, she once again decided she was not going to play nice and now she presented herself with a huge "mass" at this mornings wanding. It is not a fluid filled mass, but rather a tumor (most likely benign) or the dreaded endo. Regardless, Dr. Bowtie is opening me up on Wednesday to check it out.

As I was dragging my butt out of bed this morning at an entirely unreasonable hour I began to think of all the shitty experiences that go along with IF. Here are a few:

1. Butt crack of dawn dr. appointments
2. Drug addict looking arms
3. My intimate relationship with the wand monkey - the machine in exam room # 5 really gets me. I feel like I am having an affair.
4. Having to get creative about why you always have to leave work to go to the dr. and then dealing with the awkward silence that follows after you finally break down and tell your male boss what is going on because he is imagining up his own scenarios.
5. Periods.

Today is CD1 and can I tell you how much I hate my period? I can't believe she resides in my body. I also hate young knocked up stupid girls, like the 3 I encountered at a job fair today. Why can the stupid always reproduce so well? DH and I call it reverse Darwinism.

Am I bitter today?

just so you leave on a good note........


Bea said...

Good luck for Wednesday. It'll be good to get the answers and hopefully you can sort Lola out quicksmart and move on.

Love the pooch.


not so fertile girl said...

Your pup is too cute! Good luck on Wedn. I hope Lola can be cleaned up with out any issues. Sounds like she need a swift kick in the butt! Behave ovary behave!

Lut said...

A mass sounds scary. Thankfully they're checking it out pronto.

DD said...

I have to admit that I like that my boss is a man. He's known about our "problems" and I don't have to give details b/c he gets all weirded out knowing it's "girly" problems.

My Reality said...

Lola better get herself in line. She totally needs to behave. Good luck on Wednesday, I hope they can get things sorted out quickly.

Love the pup pics!

Baby Blues said...

Matisse is so cute! Love the pictures.

I agree with you on the inconvenience and discomfort this shitty experiences with IF bring! All this while young knocked up stupid girls just say "oops"!

Hoping Lola behaves and everything goes well on Wednesday.

Heather said...

LOVE the Christmas lights on the dog!