Thursday, November 30, 2006

Um, yeah, a huh...

Remember all my whining about onesies just yesterday. Well, when I got
home from work, DH had a little present for me. He went to the baby
store (he has NEVER been there before) and purchased some
"replacements". I was touched and even as I relayed the story to a
friend on the phone later that evening I welled up just thinking about
how lucky I am. She said she did also.

Since I am talking about foot in mouth moments, remember that baby shower I was convalescing about yesterday. I "forgot" to add the part that made me look bad -
a.k.a. The words that made me stop speaking and start drinking. Shortly
before the shower began DH informed me "a certainnewmom" was not going to be there because her 9 month old needed to go to bed at 7 or so.

Sidenote: when did having kids make people so incredibly uncool. Like staying
up an extra hour or so is that big of a deal. The baby is home all day
with parents and he is hardly fussy, or so they say/brag. Oh, yeah, I
don't understand because I don't have kids, or so I am told all the F'in time.

Anyway, DH told me he talked to MR "a certain newmom" and it was just too stressful to have to attend an event that started at 7 because of the whole bedtime debacle so he was coming stag. Did I mention that the showeree recently hosted a shower, which we all attended, for "a certain newmom"? Let's get this straight, the crazy infertile, a.k.a ME, had to attend this shower but the person for whom we had a shower didn't. Did I say attend, I probably meant co-host, but who's keeping track anyway.

Me, bitter, you ask? No, not at all.

Well, it all sounds good and nasty and I was quite forthcoming with my criticism until "a certain newmom" walked in the door w/baby in hand. She thought she should try to make it for a little while anyway. Should I take back what I was saying
BEFORE she came, heck no. The fact that she even considered NOT coming is still insulting, but since I did make a HUGE deal about it I probably should open my mouth and insert foot.


Baby Blues said...

I admire you for coming. I can't stand attending babyshowers. Too much baby bickering! And I know what you mean about uncool doting parents making a big fuss over their kids.

not so fertile girl said...

Oh you are funny! Who hasn't stuck a big fat foot in their mouth a time or two! Never a fun moment for the foot in mouther.
I agree about the big fuss over the kid thing. I mean couldn't the dad stay home and put the kid to bed if someone had too? I have said a thousand times that I will be different but will most likely be just like them! Arrg!

Let's take this pledge: I swear to remain cool after I have kids. I will not become a stick in the mud and will continue to attend parties that last later than 7pm. I will still take fun trips with a few of them being kid free. I will still be a friend to my girlfriends and a sexy wife to my husband. I WILL NOT become the soccer mom that shows up to games in sweats and a pony tail. I will still wear heels! (that's if I wore them before baby) All those agreed say I.

Heather said...

I don't thik you need to insert the foot. She deserved it. Like you said, the fact she even considered it so damn wrong. Even if she wasn't co-hosting. I can't believe some people. I know I shouldn't be shocked anymore, but they still get me. I'm getting upset for you! She is pissing me off!